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The NVDA Wind Study

announced May 3, 2013

The NVDA Wind Study Committee was formed in response to the NVDA Board of Directors July 2012 adoption of a resolution recommending a suspension of industrial-scale (height of 200 ft. or greater) wind turbines for a 3-year period for further study. At the March 26, 2015 meeting of the full Board of Directors, members unanimously approved the committee's recommendation that "no further development of industrial-scale wind turbines should take place in the Northeast Kingdom.This position will become an element in the NVDA regional energy plan. The position may be revised for future plans if our understanding of turbine impacts changes significantly." (The final Wind Study Report is available below)

Committee members include: Jim Greenwood (Chair), Mark Whitworth, Farley Brown, Robert Croteau, and David Snedeker (NVDA staff). The Committee meets at the Barton Town Office approximately every three weeks. Please contact NVDA to check on upcoming meetings. Meeting minutes will be posted soon.

Meeting schedule:
2/20/13, 6:00pm Barton Town Office  Minutes
3/13/13, 6:00pm Barton Town Office  Minutes
4/03/13, 6:30pm Barton Town Office (guest: Dave Hallquist, VEC)  Minutes
4/24/13, 6:30pm Barton Town Office (guest: Billy Coster, ANR) Minutes

5/08/13, 6:30pm Barton Town Office (guest: Anne Margolis, PSD) Minutes

5/29/13, 6:30pm Barton Village Community Center(guest: John Soininen, Eolian) Minutes
 Eolian Presentation

 8/14/13 at 7:00pm at the Barton Town Office (guest: Kerrick Johnson, VELCO) VELCO - Interconnecting Wind NVT, VELCO - System Reliability Renewable Generation Minutes

9/4/13 at 6:30 at the Barton Town Office. (guest Kevin Jones, VT Law School and Steve Therrien) Minutes
9/26/13, 6:30pm at the Barton Town Office. (Guests: Robt. Dostis, GMP; Jason Shafer, LSC) Health Effects - Peer Review Lit_KCW, KWC Fact Sheet, JShafer WindResource Presentation, Minutes

11/06/13, 6:30pm at the Barton Town Office.  (Guest: Dr. David Grass, VT Dept. of Health) Minutes, Health Reviewed Lit., Infrasound report, Fall Testing Rpt., Winter Testing Rpt.

1/6/14 (Guest: Gloria Bruce, NEKTTA) 9am at NVDA Office in St. Johnsbury  Minutes

1/29/14, 6:30pm, at the Barton Town Office. (Guest: Ben Luce) Minutes

 Antrim Wind Avoided Emissions Report, Renewable Energy Options


Wind Study - Draft Report - Attachment A, Attachment B, Attachment C, Attachment D, Attachment E, Attachment F


Wind Study - Draft Report August 21, 2014 (amended January 22, 2015)


Wind Study - Final Report March 27, 2015

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