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Last Updated: July 1, 2021

COVID-19 Announcements

Accessing Recovery Funds to Municipalities

Every city and town in Vermont must fill in a certification form by July 15, 2021 to be eligible to receive ARPA funding. Visit the VLCT website to see what your municipal allocation is and how to certify to ensure your community receives this funding. Don't delay. The state has only 30 days from the date it receives funding to distribute the funds. NVDA strongly encourages all NEK communities to apply through the portal. There will be 3 years for your community to decide how to use funds. NVDA is available to provide guidance. Contact or Annie McLean

Note: In May, NVDA and VLCT hosted a Zoom meeting for municipalities on how to access ARPA funding and how the funds may be used. The ARPA event was recorded and can be downloaded from the home page on NVDA's website

Economic Recovery Bridge Program

The program will deliver $30 million in financial relief to businesses that have not received state and federal funding due to eligibility constraints - and to businesses that can show continued loss of revenue after receiving state or federal aid. For more information about the Economic Recovery Bridge Program visit the ACCD website here.

Canada Extends Border Closure to July 21st

The ban on nonessential travel across the U.S. Canadian border was announced in March 2020, and extended every month since. As Canada works to get a higher percentage of the population fully vaccinated, the U.S. is sending more than 1 million doses of vaccine to bring the country closer to re-opening. Quebec is the second most vaccinated province and some officials anticipate a gradual border reopening may happen soon.