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Energy Planning


Act 174 and Energy Planning

Regional and municipal plans currently receive "Due Consideration" in the Section 248 siting process. Act 174 was passed in 2016, which establishes a new set of energy planning standards for municipal and regional plans. Plans that meet these standards will be given an affirmative "determination of energy compliance" and will receive "Substantial Deference" in the Public Service Board's Section 248 siting process. Meeting these standards is entirely voluntary; if municipalities do not wish to update their plans, they will continue to receive "Due Consideration" in the Section 248 process. If your town wishes to seek a determination of energy compliance for your plan, you must submit your plan directly to NVDA, along with this completed checklist.


By mail: David Snedeker, Executive Director; Northeastern Vermont Development Association; PO Box 630; Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819
By email:


Don't know where to start? Click here for Best Practices and Resources for Municipal Energy Planning.


The Brighter Vermont Community Energy Dashboard has an interactive suite of tools and resources that can help your town obtain data, track progress, and set goals toward reaching the statewide energy plan goal of meeting 90% of its energy needs through efficiency and renewable sources by 2050.


Are you thinking of starting an energy committee in your town? Ian Hitchcock of the Vermont Natural Resources Council was the keynote speaker at the NEK Regional Energy Forum, March 20th. Here is a copy of his presentation.

NVDA's Energy Plan

NVDA's amended Regional Plan was certified by the Department of Public Service on June 26, 2018 Click here to read the full plan.

Proposed resource maps:

Caledonia: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Woody Biomass

Essex: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Woody Biomass

Orleans: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Woody Biomass

Municipal Energy Profiles and Targets for Meeting 90 X 2050 Goals

NVDA has developed energy estimates for each Municipality using best available data and guidelines from the Department of Public Service. Estimates are not precise, but they can help establish a baseline for your community as you identify and assess strategies for meeting 2050 goals. Please note that this data model is more region-specific and may vary from the Community Energy Dashboard data.


Below are links to the Municipal Energy Estimates by county:


Municipal Estimates:

     Caledonia County

     Essex County

     Orleans County


If your community would like technical assistance, please contact David Snedeker at NVDA. 

Certification of Energy Compliance

Town Steps Taken
Brighton - Town Plan Notice | Standards Checklist | Minutes | Decision
Charleston - Town Plan Notice | Standards Checklist | Minutes | Decision
Westfield - Town Plan Notice | Standards Checklist | Minutes | Decision
Holland - Town Plan Notice | Standards Checklist | Minutes | Decision