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NEK Regional Plan

The purpose of the Regional Plan is to guide future growth and development in the Northeast Kingdom. The regional plan offers goals and strategies to foster economic development, preserve historic and cultural resources, guide traditional development patterns and address other quality of life issues in our region.

         The plan is consulted for:
             •  Guidance on regional planning efforts.
             •  Developments that are regional in scope.
             •  Act 250 and Section 248 proceedings.
             •  Grant application references.
             •  State Agency program guidance.
             •  Local level planning, transportation and economic development programs


The current Regional Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on August 27, 2015.
Plan Sections are provided below. Adoption hearing notice and minutes are here.

  Proposed Updates
Table of Contents  
Volume I - Regional Goals and Strategies  
Volume II - Regional Analysis  
Land Use  Update to Land Use Plan
Energy Update to Energy
Utilities & Facilities Update to Utilities & Facilities
Historic, Cultural, & Scenic Resources  
Housing Update to Housing
Economic Development  Update to Economic Development
Natural Resources Update to Natural Resources
Flood Resilience  


         Volume III - Regional Transportation Plan for the Northeast Kingdom

         Addendum to Regional Transportation Plan

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