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Emergency Management

There are two main categories of disasters: natural, such flooding, severe storms, and health pandemics; and human-caused, such as chemical spills, active shooters, train derailments, structure fires, and water main breaks.

NVDA focuses primarily on mitigation and preparedness, but we also provide assistance during response and recovery in larger-scale events. NVDA staff work with member communities to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize actions to eliminate or lessen the risk. This entails arming people with information and training – and creating opportunities to test and practice emergency plans.

For more information about any of these services below, please email Bruce Melendy, the Emergency Management Specialist at NVDA, or call 802-424-1420.

Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP):

Local Emergency Management Director or Coordinator (EMD/EMC):

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP):

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP):

NEK Consortium Regional Fire Services Feasibility Study

Consolidated Recomendations
Regional Fire Services Feasibility Study
Regional Map
Study Appendices
Final Presentation

Emergency Planning Resources

VT Emergency Training
The Training Source for Vermont emergency responders. Designed to provide emergency service personnel with a single source Internet location for Fire, Law Enforcement, Local Government, EMS, Emergency Management, and Terrorism Training.


VT Emergency Management
A division of the VT Department of Public Safety. Vermont is one of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) partners.. EMAC allows for a quick response to disasters using unique resources and expertise possessed by member states. 


Federal Emergency Management Agency
Everything you might be interested in is at this site: assistance, education, maps, grants, publications, library, contact info, insurance issues, etc.


National Weather Service
To check for severe weather information.


Flood Ready

Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources online resource for local flood resilience planning.