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Stormwater Management

Stormwater is another source of water quality degradation throughout the state. Stormwater runoff can create problems due to impervious surfaces, which are constructed surface that prevent water from soaking into the ground such as roads, buildings, and rooftops. This creates quick, concentrated streams of water that lead to erosion and flooding due to flow alteration, erosion, and instability. Stormwater runoff that is not managed properly can then pollute local bodies of water, creating high nutrient loading, sediment and toxin pollution, and pathogen pollution.

By developing stormwater master plans, towns can prevent stormwater pollution and increase water quality throughout the state. A step in this process is creating stormwater infrastructure mapping for every town to assist with stormwater management across the state.


Available Stormwater Master Plans

East Burke

Stormwater Master Plan



Stormwater Master Plan




St. Johnsbury

Stormwater Master Plan