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Caledonia County
Contact Information
  • Town Clerk: Deb Benoit
  • Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30- 3:30, Wednesday - 11:00-6:00
  • Phone: 802-748-2122
  • Fax: 802-748-8196
  • Email:
  • Address: 532 Maple Street; Lower Waterford, VT 05848

Who we are

About us

Chartered on November 8, 1780, as part of the Vermont Charter. The original name of the town was Littleton, but was changed to Waterford after New Hampshire gave the town across the Connecticut River the same name. The town's first history book, written by Dr. C. E. Harris, says the name change was "to prevent confusion with Littleton, N.H.; also because there were two practicable fords in town across the Connecticut River," places where the river could be bridged, as it soon was, and is today.

The Area