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Supporting Infrastructure


Market Access

The Northeast Kingdom is centrally located between Boston and Montreal and accessible to metropolitan markets by interstate highways. The relatively recent arrival of the interstate highway system here may have helped preserve the region's historic character; it also means the system is first-rate and built for the future. It is a link to all major US and Canadian markets.


Overnight delivery services and trucking company terminals enhance the delivery speed of any package. You can get anywhere and send anything from here.  

Access to Major Markets

Burlington VT 

1.5 hours 

(80 miles)

Concord NH     

2 hours  

(100 miles)

Montreal CAN  

2.5 hours 

(150 miles)

Boston MA      

3.5 hours  

(200 miles)

Hartford CT      

3.5 hours  

(200 miles)

Portland ME     

3.5 hours  

(150 miles)

Albany NY         

4 hours  

(200 miles)

New York NY    

5 hours  

(300 miles)

Rochester NY   

7 hours  

(400 miles)

Philadelphia PA 

7 hours  

(400 miles)

Toronto CAN    

8 hours  

(500 miles)

Pittsburgh PA  

12 hours 

(650 miles)


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