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Waste Management

Handling our wastes is an important issue which requires vision and planning. Taken together, the costs of collection, recycling, and disposal of solid waste is one of the most costly of municipal services. Understanding our current situation and planning for the future are both essential if we are to find solutions.

Waste Management Programs & Services

For a description of the many grants, consultants, state programs, regulations and much more regarding Waste Management, refer to the Vermont Waste Management Division (Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation).


Also available is the Solid Waste Implementation Plan Guidance Document/Template which is intended to help towns and solid waste districts revise their solid waste implementation plan to conform with the Vermont Revised Solid Waste Management Plan.

Reuse & Recycle

ReUsing and ReCycling are not just buzzwords in Vermont, there are several great programs that are dedicated to reusing and recycling materials.


The Institution Recycling Network is a cooperative recycling organization that works with colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutions to improve the performance and economics of their recycling program. The Network works with approximately 100 institutions throughout New England and manages recycling of over 75 different materials: everything from cardboard to concrete, and from fluorescent lamps to Astroturf.


The Association of VT Recyclers promotes solid waste reduction in Vermont through public outreach & education on waste management practices, environmental ethics, responsible consumption, and other strategies for sustainable futures. It is best known for its educational theater programs and its in-class presentations on recycling and other various environmental topics.


The State of VT is also one of the ten states of the Northeast Recycling Council which is united for recycling market development. Working collaboratively has proven to be very effective in recycling efforts.

Waster Management Districts

To find out what can be recycled in your town, how to dispose of household hazard wastes, how your business can save money from disposal costs, what educational programs are in your area and much more.


Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District (NEKWMD)
Including the Towns of: Averill, Averys Gore, Barnet, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brunswick, Concord, Danville, East Haven, Ferdinand, Granby, Groton, Guildhall, Holland, Lewis, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Maidstone, Morgan, Newark, Peacham, Ryegate, Sheffield, Stannard, Victory, Waterford, Warren Gore, Warners Grant, Westmore, Wheelock


Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District (CVSWMD)
Including the Towns of: Hardwick, Walden


Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District (LRSWMD)
Including the Town of: Craftsbury