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Mapping Services

NVDA develops and maintains Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for the Northeast Kingdom. Demand continues to grow for the highly detailed maps NVDA produces using GIS.


We continually improve and update the quality of these maps, which are used by towns for planning, by businesses to evaluate development potential, and by NVDA itself for regional planning. GIS maps today accompany a variety of reports and grant applications and satisfy a wide range of public and private users.

Technical Assistances

What Is GIS?

GIS stands for "geographic information system" and refers to computer mapping tools and resources. When digital information is geographically referenced (meaning that the information is linked to specific places on the earth, using a system such as Latitude/Longitude) it can be used to create map layers as well as to perform analyses and even model hypothetical situations ("what if?" scenarios). GIS has been used by the defense, natural resources, and planning communities for many years, and is now being used by many more sectors including transportation, marketing, utilities, emergency management, sales, and education, to name just a few.


Many routine operations of business and government are tied to a location and rely on the use of geographic information to accomplish their goals. Some examples are:

  • Land-use planning (Where is growth happening?)
  • Marketing (Where are our customers?)
  • Subdivision review (Where is the wetland?)
  • Permit tracking (Whose property is the permit attached to?)
  • Parcel/tax mapping (Who are Jane Doe’s abutters?)
  • Engineering design (What is the topography of the building site?)
  • Road and utility maintenance (Where is the downed power line blocking the road?)
  • Event (crime, fires, accidents) reporting (Where do the most accidents takes place?)

Available Software & Resources

How can you start taking advantage of this powerful tool?

Talk to someone at The VT Center for Geographic Information, Inc. about how GIS could be useful to you (or visit our web site at Contact your local Regional Planning Commission GIS specialist and find out what they can do for you (VCGI can help you figure out which region you are in) Contact one of the many consultants who can be hired to work on GIS projects Learn more about GIS software, a web search will yield information on many different tools.


Buildout Analysis Program

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