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NEK Regional Plan

The purpose of the Regional Plan is to guide future growth and development in the Northeast Kingdom. The regional plan offers goals and strategies to foster economic development, preserve historic and cultural resources, guide traditional development patterns and address other quality of life issues in our region.

         The plan is consulted for:
             •  Guidance on regional planning efforts.
             •  Developments that are regional in scope.
             •  Act 250 and Section 248 proceedings.
             •  Grant application references.
             •  State Agency program guidance.
             •  Local level planning, transportation and economic development programs

Please note that NVDA's Regional Plan was updated and readopted on July 29, 2023 in accordance with 24 VSA 4348b, which allows regional planning commissions to readopt plans that are approaching expiration. In accordance with statute, we have prepared an Assessment and Report. The report addresses the new requirement for certification of regional plans by the Department of Public Service, including equity requirements. The plan update, however, does not include new municipal breakouts of LEAP analysis, as the new LEAP analysis was being completed just as the readoption of the plan commenced.

NVDA is working on a new regional plan that will incorporate new municipal targets for 2023 LEAP projections, and we will begin making this information available to towns as soon as possible. In the meantime, the existing municipal energy targets, based on 2018 data, can be found in the Appendix of the energy plan. This data is valid until new data is available.

2015 Regional Plan - Amendment July 2023

Plan Sections are provided below. (Full Plan available for download)
Table of Contents  
Volume I - Regional Goals and Strategies
Volume II - Regional Analysis (see sections below)  
Land Use 
Energy Appendix
Utilities & Facilities
Historic, Cultural, & Scenic Resources  
Economic Development
Natural Resources
Flood Resilience  


         Volume III - Regional Transportation Plan for the Northeast Kingdom

         Addendum to Regional Transportation Plan

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