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Transportation Planning

There are 2,546 miles of roads in the Northeast Kingdom, approximately 18% of the total road miles in the state, of which 1,501 miles (~59% of regional total) are unpaved. Check out the current road conditions in the region.


The region's road network follows closely the topography, dominated by generally North-South ranging mountains. This has historically made the East-West flow across the region difficult.


There are three state owned airports, excellent North-South highway routes, scenic waterways, and many miles of both railbanked and active railroad beds. Some abandoned railroad right-of-ways could be refurbished and used to ship the freight of local businesses. Some have been slated to be turned into recreational trails for bicyclists, hikers, and snowmobilers. Either way, our rail resources are valuable.


NVDA works to assist our region with planning studies that focus on the safety of the travelling public. We facilitate the regional Transportation Advisory Comnmittee TAC which is made up of our member communities.   


Regional Transportation Plan for the Northeast Kingdom

Addendum to Regional Transportation Plan

Municipal Roads General Permit

The purpose of the MRGP is to reduce road erosion by keeping of inventory and properly maintaining hydrologically-connected road segments. Towns locate the road segments that may have the highest impact on bodies of water and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce road erosion and polluted runoff.


The BMPs utilized change the way water flows on and around the roads to reduce damage as well as reduce the amount of contaminated runoff which flows into local water sources. BMPs include: allowing water to flow as a “sheet” to prevent it from flowing as a concentrated mass; increasing the size of road culverts to allow for a larger, steady flow; stabilizing ditches to prevent soil erosion; building up a high point in the center of the road to allow water to flow off; and removal of the shoulder berm.


To support the MRGP requirements, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns released the Revised Drainage Management Standards. More information on the MRGP is available through the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and also in the printable MRGP Quick Guide.


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